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Camouflage Ghillie Suit Tips, Perks and Benefits

November 28, 2020

Seeking more information on the best camouflage ghillie suit to invest in?

A camouflage ghillie suit is a dress that people wear to hide in their surroundings. It is widely used by hunters, snipers, and photographers because they need to get their target without disturbing it.

A camouflage ghillie suit has great importance for the people who love hunting. They can wear a ghillie suit and hide in the area. The prey will not be able to detect the presence of the ghillie suit user. Therefore, hunters prefer a ghillie suit. It makes their hunting successful. 

Moreover, for professional photographers, this is a valuable thing. It is difficult to capture pictures of animals from a close range. They could get frightened and leave the spot. But by using a ghillie suit, the photographer can blend with the surroundings and take images from a close range. 

A ghillie suit is normally made up of lightweight material with the base of hessian cloth, net, threads, or cords. Their excellence is further enhanced when it is decorated with weeds, leaves, or dry wooden sticks over it. This excellent work is done so that there is no difference between the person using it and the environment around him. In this way, the user can easily and completely hide in the environment. 

Types of Ghillie Suit

Ghillie suits with many color patterns are available in the market. This covering outfit comes with five different color patterns.

  1. Desert
  2. Woodland 
  3. Mossy
  4. Leafy Green
  5. White

Each color pattern is designed according to a specific environment in order to adapt to any type of terrain. These five main types are specifically created to serve people for secret services. These categories play an important role in the disappearance of the user in a particular frame.

All of these have great significance in terms of their domain because the variety of this suit is very appropriate for people as it allows them to carry out their mission in different terrains.

Are Ghillie Suits Waterproof?

People prefer waterproof ghillie suits because there can be unexpected rain, or the land can be wet, due to which their ghillie suit could absorb water.

Before we discuss whether the ghillie suits are waterproof or not, we would like to tell you the difference between being waterproof and being water-resistant. 

A waterproof ghillie suit would be the one that does not allow water to penetrate. The user can remain dry, no matter whether it is raining, or the land is wet. In contrast, a water-resistant ghillie suit prevents water to some extent. It cannot help in rains, but it can keep the suit dry to some extent, even if you are lying on a wet surface.

Waterproof ghillie suits are available, but they are very expensive. These ghillie suits are for special purposes, such as military missions and professional hunting. However, water-resistant ghillie suits are common, and you can easily buy them. They are suitable for common use.

How Can We Put on a Ghillie Suit?

Ghillie suit is not only worn by people for fun. It is now used for many essential and legal purposes. That’s why the companies try to make it easy and safe to use. Because of this reason, it is designed like normal clothes, so it is easy to wear and take off. It does not present any difficulty. Overall, it is very simple and easy to use a covering ghillie suit.

Almost all ghillie suits come with a jacket and pants, so like normal clothes, you can just put on your pants and jacket. Or you can also wear any type of shirt or skin-tight trousers under it according to the season. 

On hot summer days, people like to wear only a thin shirt under this suit to avoid dehydration. On the other hand, in severely cold weather, people usually prefer to wear a sturdy thick warm shirt or hot skin fit before wearing this costume to remain safe from the severe cold weather. Most ghillie suits have enough space, so you can have more layering underneath. So, you can wear extra clothing to keep yourself warm and comfortable. 

About 90% of ghillie suits come with a complete package of a jacket, pants, gun cover, hood, and a bag for having stuff in it.

The costume is designed in an effective and manageable way that you can easily adjust the sizes of hoods, jackets, and pants according to your needs.

Are Ghillie Suits Good for Hunting?

In today’s world, hunting has become much easier due to concealing ghillie suits. While in ancient times, hunting was considered a difficult task for people because people did not have the right and accurate weapons and no safe and special way to protect themselves from the eye of their dangerous prey.

But now, in the modern age, along with the excellence of weapons, these camouflage ghillie suits also seem to be very useful as they blend the users with the environment. The texture of a ghillie suit makes its appearance complex; that’s why some people consider it tough to carry while hunting. Everyone knows that a hunter has to be very careful when hunting, so the style of this suit has been designed by keeping this thought in mind.

All the ghillie suits available in the market are usually lightweight and made up of light and flimsy synthetic materials, so it becomes easy for the wearer to move precisely and safely with the full balance.

The hunter has to change his position gradually after intervals of time while hunting, and this suit does not hinder him at all. This camouflage is very suitable for hunting.

Overall, this hunting camouflage will provide you the full coverage and work more positively than you expect. 

Benefits of Ghillie Suit

Nowadays, the ghillie suit is providing tremendous benefits to its users. Therefore, people prefer to use it in various missions. It has made many things easier.

So be ready to be impressed by its insane number of advantages.

  • Ghillie suit is proving its best to harmonize its user with his surroundings.
  • Those hunters who use it enjoy the long last hunting games with more aimed prey.
  • Paintball admirers and devotees can hide effortlessly from other players in order to become the champion.
  • Military men use it as a safety cover to protect their beloved homeland from every evil eye. It is becoming an essential part of every secret mission.
  • Snipers widely benefit through it to have safe, soft, deliberate, and guarded movements.
  • Wild photographers, who love to capture the natural wildlife and its beauty, use this dodger outfit nowadays. By using a ghillie suit, they will have many attractive, charming, fetching clicks of beauty according to their desire.
  • Adventures loving children can have a lot of mirth and joy by using this sort of distinctive look during a voyage or a wild themed party and get-togethers. 
  • A ghillie suit can be used for Halloween. It can be used to give a sudden scary surprise. It could be a great way to have fun with your family and lovely friends.  

Who Makes the Best Ghillie Suit?

Suppose you are ready to buy this camouflage for you to have a safe asylum, but still, you have to be acknowledged about some prime statistics.

So, here we are providing the list of some major and commonly used camouflage ghillie suits. These suits impress users in every way and always leave a positive mark on their minds. 

For those who are anxious to find something good and sustainable, these listed products can be a cause for concern. You will not be disappointed if you choose to buy any of these suits because all these camouflage ghillie suits are made with the utmost skills, ability, and intellect. Some of the most reasonable, first-class, and outstanding ghillie suits are listed here.

  • Arcturus Warrior Ghillie Suit
  • TargetEvo Hunting Ghillie Suit
  • Hot Shot Men’s 3-piece 3-D Ghillie Suit
  • KNINE OUTDOORS Medium Size Ghillie Suit 
  • AOIEORD Ghillie Suit for Men

All these dresses are well-designed and perfect to have adventurous moments. They all are adjustable, so anyone can fulfill his passion by having fun, and you won’t have to buy it for everyone separately. It will be acceptable for your pocket too. 

You can easily have these suits with you on the way to a thrill causing, exciting, and dangerous journey. All of them can be your best companions in exciting and risky trips and adventures. You will be satisfied with their quality before and after use. By using them, you will have a quirky and victorious experience.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, a camouflage ghillie suit offers many advantages, as described in the upper sections. It is a source of complete protection and fun. You can have it anywhere or anytime. The well-known and admirable products are also listed, so you can think about that too. 

Its countless advantages and benefits increase its importance. All the benefits, utilizing procedure, kinds, and paramount information is provided in this article. Those who have a keen desire to do something different, adventurous, thrilling, and unique can have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

We have tried to explain the camouflage ghillie suit in detail, and we hope you will find this article helpful.

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