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Ghillie Suit Canada Benefits for Hunting

November 17, 2020

Seeking more information about the best ghillie suit Canada dollars can buy? If so, welcome to We are glad you have arrived.

The ghillie suit is commonly used in some selected countries. It has a wide application in the whole world. Canadians broadly use this camouflage to have concealment for different purposes. Ghillie suit Canada (Ghillie suit for Canadians) has great importance regarding the features it provides to Canadians. 

Canada is blessed with a huge area covered with trees and bushes called forests. It has many different valuable and expensive animals in the forests. Some adventurous people of Canada love to hunt them. Therefore, they use ghillies suits for the purpose. Moreover, the military men also use it enormously for their tasks to complete them safely. Photographers also use the suit to capture the wildlife and beautiful moments without creating any disturbance for the animals and birds.

For all these occasions, ghillie suit Canada (Canadian’s ghillie suit) is becoming popular day by day. It is true, anyone who decides to become a part of an adventurous event like hunting, bird viewing, and exciting camping will always think to have a camo ghillie suit. That’s why Ghillie suit Canada (ghillie suit for Canadian people) is sketched, according to the common terrains. 

Where Can I Get a Ghillie Suit?

Ghillie suits are very common and easily accessible these days. There are many online stores and markets that have ghillies suits. But a high-quality ghillie suit could be expensive.

The best and most affordable way is to make your own ghillie suit. It sounds like a tough target, but in actuality, it is very easy and economical. Let’s have a short and time-saving view on how to make your own ghillie suit.

It is very easy. You just need to have a t-shirt and pants of old BDU’s or any other one that you have at your home. Take any soft net and cut it into the size according to your t-shirt and pants. Attach the net to your shirt and pants through threads or any glue.

Now, take some burlap strings and strips, dye them if you want any specific color. Once they get dry, make knots of these strings with every single square of the net. After that, you need to attach some leave and twigs over the threads to give it a natural look. You can also attach any accessory according to the background you select to use a ghillie suit. This is an easy way of making a desirable and cost-effective ghillie suit at home.

On the other hand, the market is full of different kinds of ghillie suits. Ghillie suit Canada (ghillie suit for Canadians) is easily available in the Canadian markets, or you can also get this product from any Canadian military surplus store. 

Do Ghillie Suits Work for Deer Hunting?

Canada has a huge area for hunting. That’s why people who know the tips and tricks of hunting love to hunt in their forests to fulfill their passion. Deer hunting is also practiced in Canada. Deer own the tricks to detect their opponent very fastly and run quickly to save themselves. In this case, it is very critical to hunt a deer being unnoticed. 

Here, the ghillie suit works best because its wearer cannot be detected easily. He/she can put aim on a deer from far as well as from close ranges. If you miss your aim for the first time, even then, it will be difficult for the deer to detect the source of the disturbance. You can easily and comfortably put the aim for the second time. In this case, it is very helpful for a hunter to hunt a deer with a ghillie suit on his/her body. 

What Ghillie Suit Does the Military Use?

Ghillie suit Canada (ghillie suit for Canadian military men) is made up of high BDU’s jackets and pants along with a high-quality matching hood and gun cover. It depends upon the man to select the ghillie suit of his own choice. 

Snipers also use the highly designed ghillie suits by the army. Their suits are specially designed with pads over their chest to avoid load because they have to lay down on the ground for a very long time.

Military men use the ghillie suit to defeat their opponents in an invisible way. They can hide by wearing this camouflage. A well-made ghillie suit with a proper base and finely attached ornamented net proves the best way of concealment. 

For Canadians ease, these are some popular and most commonly used products. All these products have commendable qualities. 

AOIEORD Ghillie Suit

  1. AOIEORD Ghillie Suit for Men

For having a proper mix into the environment, it is a well-made ghillie suit with an excellent exterior. It has a rough outer surface that looks similar to the un-even battlegrounds. Also, it is smooth to wear, and the inner sides feel soft to the body. 

It is a camouflage with a hoodie jacket to cover the head along with the whole body. In addition, it can provide you the best and admirable blend with the jungle. So, you can have an easy approach to the target without being visible. 

The ghillie suit has 3D leaves crafted on the outer side to give it a realistic look. The material used to create this suit is very fine and lightweight. Because of that, this suit will also provide you with comfortable movements.

The whole camouflage comprises a 3D leafy jacket with an attached hood and matching pants—furthermore, some grass matching color kits for painting your face according to the suit.

This suit has wide applications, including bird watching, airsoft, hunting, film sets, nightclubs, and treehouses.


  • Valuable
  • Lightweight
  • 2-piece suit
  • Face paint colors


  • Headcover doesn’t have a front face covering.

Arcturus Ghillie Suit

2. Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit 

This is another masterpiece with almost 1000 laser cut 3D leaves on its outer surface. This suit provides you a bush-like appearance while sitting in the jungle. Moreover, the main advantage this brand offers is that the suit comes in three different color patterns: Dark woodland, Fall forest, and Summer green.

You can easily select the color theme according to your selected area and environment. This 3D leafy ghillie suit has leaves over it that are made up of soft and durable material. These lesser cut leaves are fluffy and strongly attached to the jacket. They move in the same direction as the wind moves. It gives the person an additional dynamic camouflage. 

The camouflage jacket has zipper pockets on its sides. This feature is unique and is seen very rarely. You can put any necessary small items into your pocket for easy and quick access. 

The ghillie suit is adjustable as it has a front zipper jacket with an attached matching hood, elastic waist belt, and drawstrings manageable stuff bag.


  • Zipper pockets on the jacket
  • Zipper adjustable jacket
  • Lightweight
  • Lesser cut leafy outlook

Arcturus RealTree Ghillie Suit

3. Arcturus Realtree Edge & Blaze 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit

This is one of the most recent creations of these days. This ghillie suit is specially designed with a unique color pattern for deer hunting. It is suitable for all seasons as it is very acceptable for thin and thick warm layers under it.

This ghillie suit is trickly created for deer color blind eyes. A person wearing this color will not be clearly seen by deer as deers are very fast. This suit offers you the benefit of aiming them correctly and sharply. 

The suit is made by using the latest lesser cut leaves over it. It has around 1000 technically cut leaves on its exterior side. The leaves provide the user with a dynamic 3D outlook to hide completely. 

The dress is lightweight and airy. It cannot give you a suffocating experience. Moreover, the suit is super portable and manageable. You can easily fold the suit and put it into the carry bag for travel purposes. It doesn’t offer you the trouble of thread or leaves shedding. It is a finely made new product. 


  • Adjustable
  • Portable
  • Can be folded
  • Doesn’t have leaf fall out


  • Only specific for deer hunting

Enkrio Ghillie Suit

4. Enkrio Woodland Ghillie Suits 5-Pc. Camouflage Clothing

Ghillie suit Canada(ghillie suit for Canadians) is also available in white color as Canada has to suffer a highly dense snowfall during winter. That’s why this camouflage is designed for Canadians to have safe missions.

The dress is made up of synthetic polyester material to make it durable and lightweight. It is a 5-piece suit with an airy opening on the face for ventilation. It is breathable and can be used in any season by changing the layers under this dress. 

The suit is super adjustable and manageable. It has Adult medium/large and Adult XL/2XL sizes. It can easily fit a person of any size. This will prove as the best camouflage for hunting in snow, bird watching, photography, and games.


  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Synthetic material
  • 5-piece suit


  • Only for snowy areas.

Closing Thoughts

Ghillie suits are widely used nowadays. It was first used for wars, but now, it is being used for hunting, photography, and games. People in Canada also go hunting, and they choose a ghillie suit because it has many exclusive properties. It is a good camouflage to have safe concealment for various occasions.

We have explained everything about the use of Ghillie suits in Canada. We have also listed some of the best products with their detailed description, pros, and cons. Lastly, we hope this article will help you in selecting the best ghillie suit for having adventures in Canada.

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