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Ghillie Suit Hat Ideas, Perks and Benefits

November 18, 2020

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Are you planning to hunt without concealing your face? You may lose your target at the end moment. Many of you might think that if you are wearing a ghillie suit, then it is enough to hunt the targeted animal, but you know what, it’s not the case all the time. Even if you are wearing a ghillie suit, you need to cover your face properly. 

Nature has provided a sharp sight and sense of smell to animals, and if you do not cover your face and head, they may notice you and run away from the spot.

So, do you want to lose your target? No one wants to. Along with the ghillie suit, you must be cautious of covering your head and face too, and for that purpose, nothing serves best other than a ghillie suit hat.

How to Make a Ghillie Suit Hat?

Some people tried making ghillie suits by themselves, and they got successful too. Making a ghillie suit at home is not much difficult, but yes, it is a time taking process. It may take days to complete and get a perfect ghillie suit so that no one could notice you while hunting. 

Making a ghillie hat is very easy. You can make it in no time, and it will help you in concealing yourself.

Here is an easy method to make a ghillie suit hat:

  • Cover an old hat with nylon netting and stick it with glue.
  • Once the netting sticks to the hat, stitch it to increase its durability. 
  • Tie the strips of cloth or burlap to the netting and cover the whole netting with strips.
  • You may increase the layering of burlap or foliage depending on the surrounding.
  • After tying up all of the strips, paint the hat with a similar color to the trees or bushes.
  • After drying the paint, leave it out for a few days. The hat must look like an old hat; otherwise, there would be no use in wearing a new hat. For a more realistic look, you could drag it into the dirt. 

What is a Ghillie Suit Boonie Hat Used For?

The Boonie hat is not new. It has been used by military snipers for so long. These ghillie suit hats aren’t made just for fun; instead, they are used to provide protection and concealment to the wearer.

These ghillie suit hats are covered with foliage to cover and break the outline of the head of the wearer. The ghillie suit hat is also used to protect against the sun rays and helps to stand longer on a hot day. 

In this article, we will discuss a few ghillie suit hats to help you in purchasing the right one.

EAmber Ghillie Hat

1) EAmber Ghillie Camouflage Leafy Hat

The uniqueness of this facemask is the mouth opening that allows you to drink or eat while hunting. This hat is made of very thin and lightweight polyester that eases the exhalation. It consists of a mesh that makes it well-ventilated. 

It fits well and is very comfortable to wear and does not cause itching on the face. This hat completely hides your face and is covered with 3D leaves that perfectly imitate the background and disguise you in the surroundings.

This hat is available in one size that fits all as it has an elastic strap at the back that is used to fix the hat according to your head size. The elastic strap not only helps in fixing the hat according to the head size, but it also keeps the eye area fixed. So, you don’t get distracted during hunting. 

It covers the face, head, and neck properly, exposing only the eyes, but if you want your eyes to be covered, you can cover it with a curtain or mesh above your hat. The mesh will prevent you from mosquitos that are widespread in such environments. 

It is comfortable and does not cause heaviness in the head as it is made of very light material. The eye curtain can be pulled down to the chin.

You can wash it in a machine but recommended to wash in laundry bags for protection and long term use.

It is ideal for turkey hunting, airsoft, paintball, shooting, and tactical training.


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Dries up quickly

SHAWINGO Ghillie Hat

2) SHAWINGO Camouflage Leafy Hat

SHAWINGO Camouflage leafy hat is suitable for kids and adults. It comes in one size with an adjustable strap at the back to fix according to your head size. You can also adjust the eye area with the help of adjustable straps so that you don’t get disturbed while hunting. 

It is made of 100% polyester that makes it highly breathable and lightweight. In addition, it does not make you feel uncomfortable as it has enough space. It will keep you cool so that you would not feel suffocated.

It does not cause itching on your face, and you can wear it for a long time. Also, it will protect you from mosquitoes as well. 

The face mask is covered with leaves that completely cover the mask and give it a realistic look. 

The facemask is attached to the cap and can be rolled up if not needed. A thin mesh is also present over the ear to protect your hearing.

This hat and face mask covers your face to such an extent that only eyes are exposed, and you can also cover them by having a curtain over your hat. 

It will completely conceal you, and no one can find you in the bushes. You can wear that curtain on the inside too to avoid mosquitoes and other insects.


  • Breathable
  • Comfortable

QuickCamo Ghillie Suit

3) QuickCamo Mossy Obsession 3D Leafy Mesh Back Cap

The major complaint of ghillie suits is that they are too hot in the summer, and if you are wearing a facemask that is made of polyester or nylon, then there is more chance of you to faint down due to suffocation. 

QuickCamo is popular for its lightweight and well-ventilated face masks and hats. It is easy to wear; it does not take time to wear, and the mask can be quickly rolled up in the hat crown. 

The facemask is made considering the requirements of the wearer. Most of the portion of the facemask is made of mesh that allows easy ventilation. If you are wearing it on a sunny day, the mesh at the back and sideways makes it easy to breathe and keeps you cool. 

It is quick to dry and made with moisture-wicking material that quickly absorbs the sweat.

The mesh on the ears will help to protect your hearing. The area around the eyes is cut into the shape of the eyes, so you can also wear your glasses. The bill of the hat protects from the UV rays directly reaching your face.  

It is an ideal face mask for the bowhunters; moreover, it is also used for airsoft, paintball, and photography.


  • Breathable
  • moisture-wicking material
  • Quick dry


  • Not ideal for big heads.

NorthMountain Ghillie Suit

4) NorthMountain Camouflage Cap

The most loved hat and facemask by the hunter is of NorthMountain. If you are worried about your hearing and smell impairment, a NorthMountain hat and facemask are ideal for you.

The NorthMountain hat and facemask blend well in the surrounding and is ideal in hunting.

It consists of a hat and a facemask that are very comfortable and do not take time to wear and put off. You can over your face within a few minutes.

QuickCamo hat and facemask are made of a scent control fabric that will protect your sense of smell, which is often destroyed in such environments. It not only protects your sense of smell, but its scented antimicrobial technology protects from bacterial odor as well.

You don’t have to worry about the rain, as the quick-dry and moisture-wicking ability of the hat keeps you cool and does not let the sweat affect your performance.

The facemask is made of a material that is smooth, lightweight, and breathable and has an eye-compatible area that helps you to watch out clearly without affecting your vision.

The hat and facemask are separable, and it’s totally up to you if you wish to wear them together. 

The hat has a strap at the back that allows you to adjust it according to your head size. The bill of the hat keeps you protected from the UV rays, and you can easily hunt in the scorching sun.

The facemask is also comfortable to wear and will not suffocate you. Mesh at the nose area is an ideal feature that allows you to breathe comfortably. If there is no such arrangement for breathing, you may end up suffocating. Moreover, the mesh around the ears helps to protect you from hearing impairment.


  • Comfortable 
  • Protects from UV rays
  • Quick dry

Closing Thoughts

Ghillie suit hat is an excellent accessory that can help you conceal your face. In the article, we have discussed the importance and usage of the ghillie suit hat. Ghillie Suit hats are not just like the ordinary caps, but they are important in concealing oneself from the enemies. 

We hope this article will help you in finding the best ghillie suit hat that will provide you better coverage.

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