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Ghillie Suit Kid Size Tips and Overview

November 26, 2020

What is the best ghillie suit kid size? Well, that will depend on the individual and their needs.

Ghillie suits are camouflage clothing that has been used for a long time by snipers and hunters. They provide concealment and help ambush the prey and enemies.

Now, these ghillie suits are also available for the kids. Ghillie suit kid size is available to wear in the themed parties at the school, and they are the favorite costume of boys. 

With the increase in video games, these ghillie suits are also introduced in those games where the kids can buy from a store to conceal themselves and attack the opponent players.

Paintball and airsoft are also among such games, in which the players wear the ghillie suit to hide and attack their enemies.

How to Make a Ghillie Suit?

You can make your ghillie suit on your own by following these steps:

1- Get a suit for the base

Ghillie suits are available as one-piece or two-piece suits. Now, it depends on how you want your ghillie suit to be.

If you want a single piece ghillie suit, then get an old single piece of military cloth that you can purchase from any of the military uniform shops. 

After purchasing the base suit, look for the vegetation of the area where you are planning to hunt because you cannot wear a ghillie suit that does not match the surroundings.

If you don’t find the camouflage clothing, you can use any of your clothes and paint it accordingly or paste fabric straps that match the surroundings.

2- Sew the netting

The next step is to sew the mesh netting over your base suit. The best material to sew the netting is a transparent thread, like fish netting or dental floss. 

After sewing, for making your ghillie suit durable, apply glue that helps it to attach more firmly. 

Find the jute for your ghillie suit

In the next step, you have to attach some jute to provide bulkiness to your suit; otherwise, it wouldn’t give much coverage. 

You can easily get jute in the form of a burlap or jute sack and cut the straps of it.

Once you are done with attaching the netting and attaching the jute, and the suit is fully covered with jute, now it’s time to color it according to your terrain.

4- Dye your jute

It is one of the essential steps; otherwise, your ghillie suit will stand out of the terrain, and there will be no purpose for its usage.

After dyeing the jute, wash it with cold water to make sure there is no extra dye left. Wash it over a few times, then leave it out in the sun for drying. 

Attach the jute to the base suit 

After dyeing, now take around ten jute straps and tie them to the netting. Repeat this step until the whole netting is covered by jute straps. 

Once you have covered the major part of the ghillie suit, give it a light wave in the air, so you will know which places are left empty of the jute. Now, fill these spots by tieing the jute to get a realistic look. 

This next step is optional, but again if you want a more realistic look, you need to put in a little more effort. Drag your suit in the sand so that it doesn’t look like a new one. You can attach branches or leaves to make it look natural.

Your ghillie suit is ready to wear, but for those who want some additional coverage, they can make their ghillie suit hat by following the same procedure. The only difference is that you need an old hat for that purpose.

What Is the Best Ghillie Suit Kid Size?

1) Arcturus Warrior Kids Ghillie Suit

It is one of the top-selling ghillie suits for kids because it is a five-piece suit. If you want your child to have an incredible hunting experience, you should buy him Arcturus warrior kids ghillie suit.

This ghillie suit consists of a jacket, pants, hat, rifle wrap, and carry bag to give your child leverage to explore hunting on his own. Jackets and pants are separate, so they can be worn if they want.

The best thing about this ghillie suit is that you can take your five years old with you to the next themed party because this ghillie suit is designed for kids above five years of age. They can experience a unique costume.

This ghillie suit is made of the best quality polyester mesh fabric, which makes it lightweight and highly breathable. 

The synthetic threads are sewn on the fabric to make the suit look crowded, imitating the forest and making it nearly impossible for anyone to find your child.


The Boonie cap not only covers the head, but it has mesh in the eye area that will protect your child from insects. The hat is adjustable by a drawstring at the back. 

It is super comfortable and adjustable, and your child can wear it over his clothes in winters. Also, it fits well to all sizes of kids due to an elastic waistband and flexible cuffs. 

It is a perfect costume for themed parties and the best companion in hunting and shooting or playing paintball or airsoft.


  • Durable
  • Excellent coverage
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable

Children’s Suit

2) Children’s Jungle Camouflage Ghillie Suit 

For those kids who love 3D leaves on their ghillie suit instead of threads, this ghillie suit is best for them. 

It is covered by 3D leaves that are the perfect imitation of the forest so that no one could notice your child who is hiding behind the bushes and can have a safe hunt.

This ghillie suit, unlike the traditional one, is made of ice silk and polyester. The ice silk is a fabric that keeps the wearer cool and comfortable by providing good air permeability. Other than that, it is the perfect fabric that keeps an individual safe from mildew and insects. The polyester fabric is responsible for lightweight and breathability.

This ghillie suit is safe for kids as it does not contain any chemicals. It is an ideal purchase for the kids as it does not deteriorate after multiple washing, and the color remains the same. 

Furthermore, it is perfect to wear in the cold and freezing temperatures as it is windproof and keeps the wearer warm for a long time.

It is ideal for hunting, fishing, shooting, or at the Halloween party.


  • Affordable
  • Windproof
  • Breathable


3) WEIFAN Children Ghillie Suit

It is one of the ideal ghillie suits for kids that is packaged in a carry bag consisting of rifle wrap and hood along with the jacket and pants.

This ghillie suit is made of polyester fabric, making it lightweight and well ventilated. This ghillie suit is durable enough and lasts for a longer time. 

The polyester base is covered with synthetic threads that are waterproof, and you don’t have to worry about your child in the case of rain or spills. 

Usually, the ghillie suits are made of burlap that catches fire, and often we hear the news of the fire in the forest. It is one of the reasons parents don’t take their children to accompany them in hunting. 

But WEIFAN ghillie suits assure you the safety of your child. The fire-resistant quality of this suit is exceptional that is not so common in other ghillie suits. It makes this ghillie suit set apart from others. 

This ghillie suit is densely covered with a synthetic thread. It is mildew and rots free, so you can use it for a long time without worrying about the destruction of the suit.

You can get this ghillie suit for your child so that he could enjoy the hunting to the fullest. As it ideally blends with the surrounding, it can also be worn in shooting, wildfowling, stalking, bird watching, and playing paintball or airsoft. It is a fitting costume to wear at the Halloween party. 


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Waterproof


4) ALLIWEI Children’s Camouflage Ghillie Suit

If you are looking for a full coverage kid-sized ghillie suit, then you must check out the ALLIWEI ghillie suit. 

It is a four-piece suit consisting of a jacket, pants, hood, and a mesh bag.

This ghillie suit is made of polyester yarn, a fabric that is used to provide stretchability and durability to the suit. 

This ghillie is double stitched, making it impossible for the threads to shred. The jacket and pants have flexible cuffs, and an elastic waistband allows easy adjustment to children of all sizes.

It is a lightweight and comfortable ghillie suit that can be worn for a long time and does not make children feel uncomfortable. 

It provides perfect blending in the woodland surrounding and is ideal for kids to wear in hunting, shooting, birdwatching, and at their themed parties. The suit is densely covered with threads that will leave your child unnoticed.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable

Closing Thoughts

Ghillie suit kid size is now widely available at online stores. They are one of the best purchases for costume parties. 

In this article, we have discussed an easy way to make your ghillie suit so that you can make your own if you want. For your ease, we have also discussed a few best-selling ghillie suit kid sizes.

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