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Why Ghillie Suit Material Matters for Comfort

November 21, 2020

Ghillie suit material matters especially for your overall comfort while you are outdoors in the elements.

When looking for a ghillie suit, you might come across a variety of ghillie suits, but you will find it difficult to decide which one will be your true companion in hunting. There will be hundreds of choices, but you need to pick the one that has the best material.

Most of us are just familiar with the ghillie suits to the extent of watching them in some wildlife documentaries. We believe that it is easy to find the best product as there isn’t any rocket science required to make a suit out of leaves and bushes. 

But what you don’t know is the struggle that snipers and hunters do to find out the best ghillie suit. Everyone would like a ghillie suit that could last longer. But it cannot last long if the material is not up to the required quality. 

The material of a ghillie suit is the most important thing. Everything depends on it. If you succeed in finding the best ghillie suit material, then you are half your way to a successful hunt.

What Is a Ghillie Suit Made Of?

Ghillie suits are camouflage clothing that provides concealment to its wearer. Ghillie suit material is usually the polyester fabric that makes it easy to wear for a long time due to its lightweight and breathable characteristics.

Some of the ghillie suits also consist of nylon rope that increases its toughness. It also makes the suit wrinkle-free and facilitates washing and drying.

Besides this, a few ghillie suits consist of spandex fabric that is a major contributor to the elasticity of ghillie suits. It is used in those ghillie suits that are available in one size, and the elasticity allows it to fit individuals of all sizes.

Other than the fabric, the manufacturers also use fire-resistant sprays that must be sprayed, especially if your ghillie suit material is burlap or jute. So, after every wash, you must spray the fire-resistant to avoid catching fire. 

What Is the Best Ghillie Suit?

You cannot buy a ghillie suit by looking at its picture; instead, you need to spend days researching for the best ghillie suit. For the best ghillie suit, you need to consider the best ghillie suit material. 

You cannot buy it by making a guess; rather, you need to look for reviews, ask the experienced hunters and snipers, study about the weather conditions of the area where you will hunt, for how long you can wear a ghillie suit, the weight of ghillie suit, its price, your budget, and a lot more. The list goes on because there can be many factors to consider for selecting an ideal ghillie suit. If you look for all the qualities, you may cancel your plan because you cannot find all of these qualities in a single ghillie suit.

So, we recommend you look for the best quality ghillie suit material because it is of the utmost importance. The material should be breathable, durable, fire-resistant, and lightweight.

Let’s discuss some of the best ghillie suits that may fulfill your needs.

ANDYKE Ghillie Suit

1) ANDYKE Ghillie 3D Hunting Suit 

If you want to imitate the surroundings of a jungle so that no one could find you, ANDYKE ghillie suit is ideal. 

This ghillie suit is made out of 3D bionic leaves that perfectly imitate the surrounding of the forest. The 3D leaves of the ghillie suit do not catch up the branches and run for a longer time.

It is made of polyester mesh fabric and nylon rope that makes it possible for you to breathe easily. The mesh keeps the ghillie suit lightweight. It is one of the lightweight suits with inner breathable mesh that will not even make you feel hot in the summers.

Nylon gives the ghillie suit strength to withstand for a longer time, increasing its durability and offers water resistance. It is easy to wash and dries up quickly. 


This ghillie suit comes in a carrying bag consisting of a hooded jacket and pants. The jacket is front opened with snap buttons that make it easier for you to wear. The hood is attached to the jacket and has a drawstring to fix to your head.

The flexible cuff of the sleeves and ankle allow you to adjust according to your size, and you don’t have to worry about setting the suit while hunting. This ghillie suit has enough space that you can also wear clothing underneath it in the cold.

This ghillie suit is a perfect blend for jungle grass and is ideal for hunting, shooting, and birdwatching. You can also wear it for themed parties and even while playing games. It is an ideal camouflage that even your partner can’t spot you. 


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Adjustable


2) HaoFst Ghillie Suit

One of the most frequent complaints of ghillie suits is the shredding of threads over time. HaoFst ghillie suits are not only made with dense threads, but they are double-stitched to minimize the thread loss even after multiple usages. Double stitching of the threads increases the lifetime of the ghillie suit, and the threads do not fall off easily.

The ghillie suit is made of 100% polyester fabric, increasing its durability and making it wrinkle-free. Due to the polyester fabric, this ghillie suit is quick to wash and dries up quickly. 100% polypropylene strings provide warmth to the wearer. 


The threads used in this ghillie suit are waterproof, fire-resistant, and have high resistance against the mildews and rot.

This ghillie suit is a four-piece clothing article including a jacket, pants, rifle wrap, bag, and a hood. The jacket is provided with an elastic waist and cuffs. The hood is not the traditional hood that comes with other ghillie suits; instead, it has a chin strap that covers your head and neck, and for the face-covering, a mesh is attached to the hood that will keep you safe from the insects and will cover your face as well.

This suit is densely covered with threads that it seems like to be a single piece suit and covers an individual without disseminating them.

This 3D ghillie suit is ideal for hunting, birdwatching, shooting, and wildfowling. It’s a perfect ghillie suit to conceal you in every situation. You can also wear it at Halloween parties.


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • High coverage
  • Lightweight


3) Zicac Outdoor 3D Ghillie Poncho Suit

For those who want a single pieced ghillie suit, the Zicac poncho ghillie suit is ideal for them. It is excellent to make your hunting experience into an unforgettable memory, and you can have fun while hunting.

This ghillie suit is not like the usual ghillie suit. The poncho style suit breaks the outline of the wearer, making it completely impossible for others to identify.

This poncho ghillie suit is made up of polyester that is popular for making breathing easy. It helps people to cover themselves and hunt safely without the fear of attracting attention.

This ghillie suit does not make any sound and moves freely with the breeze leaving zero chance to get noticed. 

Moreover, there is no need to worry about size adjustment as it is suitable for all sized individuals. It is spacious enough to accommodate inner clothes. In winters, you can wear extra layers of clothing to keep yourself warm. The hood is attached to the poncho suit and has a drawcord that helps to adjust it.


This ghillie suit is soft, lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. Unlike other ghillie suits, it is odorless and does not have any chemical scent that makes it uncomfortable to wear.

The polyester fabric increases the durability of the ghillie suit. You can wash it with cold water.

It can be used in hunting, shooting, birdwatching, and even in CS games.


  • Durable
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wear


  • It is not waterproof

UL Suit

4) Ultra Light Ghillie Suit

The ideal ghillie suits for the hunters and snipers are the ones that are tough and durable. This Ultra-Light ghillie suit is perfect for the hunters as it provides better coverage. It can be worn for a long time without any discomfort.

This ghillie suit consists of a hooded jacket and pants. The jacket and pants have double printed leaves that blend well with the surroundings and provide better concealment in your hunting experience. 

It is made from 100% polyester making it breathable and lightweight. The elastic waistband helps in adjusting to all individuals of different waist sizes. The flexible cuffs on sleeves and ankle fix the suit and do not distract you while shooting. 

The mesh of this ghillie suit is comfortable and does not make any noise. This suit can be washed in a machine, but make sure to run the machine at a low-speed spin. 


  • 100% polyester
  • Adjustable
  • Breathable

Closing Thoughts

Ghillie suit is one of the essentials in your hunting gear. You must use it for a remarkable experience. The most important thing in a ghillie suit is its material. You need to look at the quality of material and other properties, such as weight, durability, and fire-resistance. In this article, we have discussed some of the best ghillie suits from which you can select and make your ghillie experience extraordinary. 

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