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Kids Ghillie Suits Tips: Our Top 4

November 14, 2020

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Children love experimenting with new things. It is a great way of teaching them valuable lessons. If your child loves exploring nature, why don’t you plan a forest trip with him? He will remember this experience for his lifetime. 

A camping or hunting trip would be a great idea. It will be full of worthy and lifesaving lessons. The important thing that people should use for hunting is a ghillie suit. Ghillie suits are the type of camouflage pattern clothing that resembles the environment. These suits allow you to hide in the surroundings so that the prey cannot detect your presence. Photographers, snipers, and hunters wear ghillie suits to hide from their enemies or animals in the forest, desert, or any other terrain. 

How to Make a Ghillie Suit?

If your child insists you buy some expensive clothing for a theme party at the school, then a kid’s ghillie suit is a good option. 

But the only problem that comes with it is that it might be heavy on your pocket, especially if you are already running low on budget. 

So, here is an easy way to create a Kids Ghillie suit at home. But keep in mind a home-made ghillie suit is only suitable for parties and shows. For hunting and other activities, you must consider a high-quality ghillie suit.

You can make one or two-piece kids ghillie suits by using any old clothing available at your home. To make the best kids ghillie suit, research the nearby forest areas and paint the same color on your clothing or paste some fabric on it.

Step 1

Take the fish netting to cover the base of your suit. Sew the mesh with a transparent thread; dental floss is most suitable and used often. It is not necessary to sew the netting completely. Apply glue to keep the stitches in its place. You can only apply glue if you want. Leave the suit for a few hours so that the glue could hold the netting properly to the base suit. Do not leave a lot of net with the suit; cut off the extra part of it.

Step 2 

Search for burlap, which is mostly available as coffee bags and sacks. But if you do not find any burlap around, you can use the jute rope twine. To match the color of the forest or desert, you can dye the jute.  

After dyeing the jute rope, wash it with cold water and let it dry for a maximum of two days.

Step 3

Separate the strands of the jute from burlap. Then place the longer strands on the front of the suit and sleeves and shorter strands at the back in an overlapping pattern. The length of the strand should be between 7 to 14 inches; otherwise, it will not give a realistic look.

Burlap Perks

The next and almost the last step is tying up burlap/ jute fibers with the mesh netting. Randomly pick a few strands of burlap and firmly tie it to the net. Repeat it in the same manner until the whole suit is covered with fibers. Your kids’ ghillie suit is almost ready to wear.

Step 5

It is not compulsory, but most ghillie suits come with a hood. You can make it with a spare hat, attach some netting in the oval shape, and tie the burlap in the same manner you did with the suit. 

For the naturalistic representation of the forest environment, you can paste grass, leaves, and twigs.

What are the Best Kids Ghillie Suits?

For your convenience, we have listed a few kids ghillie suits and also discussed their details, pros, and cons. We hope it will help you in selecting a kids ghillie suit.

1. EAmber Ghillie Suit 3D Leaf Camo Youth Adult

The EAmber ghillie suit is an ideal ghillie suit for your young ones to enjoy their forest trip. It is a tree camo ghillie suit with emulation leaves that makes the user invisible in the forest. Also, it will give a 3D camouflage.

It is perfect for both adults and young ones, and you can also fit in your kid’s ghillie suit as it is flexible and can easily accommodate up to 6 inches in height. 

The elastic in the sleeves and feet makes it easier to fit according to the size. This ghillie suit also has room to accommodate extra clothing. It is easy to wear as it has a zipper and buttons.

You don’t have to worry about the head covering; it has nylon rope, which is adjustable and can be fixed around your child’s head.

It is made with breathable material, polyester, which makes it super comfortable. Lastly, it is light-weighted and remains dry, so children can wear it easily, even for a long time.

The suit is also easy to wash and sturdy enough to last for a long time.

This ghillie suit is ideal for children who love wildlife. It can be used for hunting, shooting, wildfowling, and wildlife photography. As Halloween season is around, this is the perfect costume for your child.


  • Light-weighted
  • Breathable
  • Easy to wear


  • Does not have pockets

2. Arcturus Kids Ghillie Suits

Why only adults have fun when the kids can enjoy it too? The Arcturus kids ghillie suit doubles the enjoyment of your child on hunting, airsoft, and paintball experience. 

You might have experienced the shredding of thread in some ghillie suit, but Arcturus kids ghillie suits are double-stitched to minimize the thread loss, and even after multiple uses, it looks like a new one. 

Children get too excited while playing; they often lose their hats, but for their ease, this ghillie suit has an attached hood so that they can enjoy it without worrying about their hat.

The cuffs and waist have adjustable drawstrings for a perfect fit, and the user doesn’t have to fix the suit over and over again. 

The traditional ghillie suits are heavy for kids, but to your surprise, the Arcturus suit is lightweight, and children love wearing it at their costume parties too.

If you are worried about wearing it in different weather conditions, it has layers up and down so that you can adjust according to the weather at your place. It covers the body from head to toe. 

If your child loves paintball or airsoft, an Arcturus ghillie suit is ideal, as it comes with a rifle wrap that is similar to the ghillie suit.

Some ghillie suits become so heavy in the rain, but it is made with synthetic thread so that your child can enjoy it in the rain without getting wet. 


  • Double-stitched
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable fits
  • Full coverage

3. Bantoye Ghillie suit

Are you looking for ghillie suits that are suitable for autumn? Bantoye ghillie suit is ideal in the fall season when there are twigs and leave all around as it does not catch them at all.

Bantoye ghillie suit is a long-term investment as it fits your child in his later ages as well. It comes in one size, which is so adjustable that it can fit kids of all ages and has enough room to move. 

The suit is comfortable and breathable, made with mesh polyester and nylon rope. The nylon rope keeps the hood fixed to your head.

It is a two-piece ghillie suit consisting of a jacket and pants. The jacket has a hood attached to it, so your child doesn’t have to arrange it, and it cannot be misplaced. 

It is lightweight, but it does not mean it does not cover your child properly. It will cover them from head to toe. 

Moreover, it is an ideal gift for your kids who love hunting, shooting, and airsoft. It is one of the best kids ghillie suits for themed parties.


  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Suitable for heavy wood areas

4. PELLOR Ghillie Suit

If your children mess up dressing in heavy costumes themselves, then PELLOR Ghillie suit is ideal for them. It is a two pieced suit, easy enough for the children to wear themselves.

One thing that most ghillie suits lack is pockets. PELLOR ghillie suit has inner pockets in pants to keep necessary stuff safe, and your kids do not have to carry bags with them while hunting.

PELLOR Ghillie suit is made of synthetic polyester, which is lightweight and also easy to dry upon washing. It consists of an adjustable rope on the headcover. The zipper on the jacket is durable and sturdy and does not break down easily.

It has enough leaves on the surface that conceal completely and imitate the forest surroundings, so no one can easily find your child. It is made of good quality with realistic woodland patterns.

Lastly, it is great for hunting, paintball, airsoft, Halloween, and other themed parties.


  • Easy to wear
  • Affordable
  • Good quality 


  • Little bit thinner

Closing Thoughts

Snipers and Military personnel wear ghillie suits during wars to hide from their enemies and to attack without getting noticed. But now, ghillies suits are also available in kids sizes, so the kids ghillie suits are a perfect gift for your young ones.

They would love wearing it at their themed parties or when they go hunting with you. We hope you find this article helpful in purchasing a ghillie suit for your kids.

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