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What is a Sniper Ghillie Suit?

November 12, 2020

Wonder what is a sniper ghillie suit? If so, you are certainly not alone.

Snipers are an integral and special part of the military forces. These are the men who are providing their services within deadly zones by concealing themselves. But have you ever noticed how they conceal themselves?

They are provided with highly protective and suitable outfits to have full camouflage. They have extremely well-designed ghillie suits to hide in the surroundings. Now, “What is a sniper ghillie suit?”

Snipers have to aim their target sharply from a distance. They need to have full concentration on their enemies in the battleground. In this case, they also have the danger of being detected by their enemies. A person after wearing a ghillie suit can target his aim fearlessly.

Before the ghillie suit, men could not do their job properly because of the fear of being caught or exposed. But after the creation of the ghillie suit, it became easy to pay full attention to the aim only.

Let’s have a detailed discussion on ‘What is a sniper ghillie suit?”

What are Sniper Ghillie Suits Made Of?

Like all the other ghillie suits, the sniper ghillie suit is also made up of a base of net, cotton, or burlap strips along with all the retrofitted background matchings. Readymade ghillie suits in the markets are highly designed by automatic controlling machines. No doubt, they are considered the best pieces, but they can also be heavy on your pocket. So after reading this article, for sure, you can also make your own ghillie suit.

Let’s break it into small parts for ease. 

1. Suitable clothing:

First of all, suitable clothing is decided for the base of a ghillie suit. The texture and color of the clothing are taken according to the weather or frames.

Suppose you need a ghillie suit for proper concealment in the desert during summers, then choose the lightest texture of muddy or brown color.

The color will provide you complete blending, and the texture will save you from the warm and suffocating situation.

For woodlands, military flight suits and BDU’s (Battle Dress Uniform) can also be used as the base clothing.

2. Mesh netting:

The next step is to take any type of mesh, but the excellent quality will be the best option. 

The mesh is then attached to the base by using the thread or glue. The main purpose of the net is to hold all the background matchings additions on it. 

A soft net is always preferred because it proves comfortable to users. A sniper can easily bend or curve himself through a soft net.

3. Jute:

A vegetable fiber (jute) is then selected. The outer bulk of a ghillie suit is usually made up of jute. Nowadays, some synthetic polyester fibers or threads are used instead of jute. Jute can dye if needed. Its color is easily converted into a specific one. 

Then the jute is knotted out with the mesh or simply glued over the mesh. It creates a 3D look. This outer 3D look provides a complete and safe camouflage by breaking the user’s outline and mixing him with the environment. 

4. Adornments:

Accessories similar to the background like leaves, twigs, grass, or dried wooden sticks are then attached over the jute in order to achieve a full indistinguishable look. These add-ons make it more original, real, and adorable. 

After all these steps, a wearable ghillie suit can be used in the battleground.

How Do Snipers Stay Hidden?

Snipers have to be very conscious about their track. They have to hide their scent, marks, appearance, and look. For that, they used to put a camouflage ghillie suit on their bodies in order to look like the environment. Snipers put on this dress and lay down on the ground; they become almost invisible to the opponents.

They cover themselves from head to toe along with the gun. So, they become fully covered and disguised. By covering themselves under a protective barrier, they feel the experience of being invisible and become able to focus on their targets. 

Ghillie Suit Styles

Different types of themes and colors are available in the market to help out our brave and courageous men. 

  • For desserts, there are many articles on dessert and muddy themes available in the market. A sniper can have easy access to the victory by breaking out his profile in the dazzling desserts. 
  • For snowy areas, the ghillie suit with white color can be seen. These are specially designed according to the icy areas and frames. The white ghillie suit allows a sniper to crawl over the snow without any difficulty and danger. The user can easily move here and there as an invisible creature to protect himself. 
  • Woodlands are the most targeted place for the snipers. A ghillie suit for woodland has many qualities to provide full coverage. It is green in color with many herbs, shrubs, leaves, and twigs over it. It plays a good role in blending the user into the environment.

Snipers put on a ghillie suit according to the frame and hide them. This is how they defeat the enemies without being recognized. If needed, they do little movements for better aiming. In this way, they become unseen by their rivals and attack them accurately and secretly. 

What is a Sniper Ghillie Suit? 

Basically, a sniper ghillie suit is an old military uniform that the sniper used to conceal them. Usually, the ghillie suits for hunting, photography, and paintball players are fully covered with threads or any other adornment on the outer side because they need to run and move when needed. It is difficult for the snipers to use common ghillie suits because they mostly lie on the ground. But a sniper ghillie suit is specially designed with the adornments on the upper portion only.

Snipers need to stay in one place for a long time in order to trickly detect their aim or rivals. That’s why the lower portion is kept simple and even to give them smooth and even movements. Moreover, the lower portion contains a heavy canvas to minimize the load on the sniper’s stomach. This way, they do not feel heavy on their chest and easily stay in one place. So, a sniper ghillie suit is the best option because it is specially designed according to needs.

Are Sniper Ghillie Suits Effective?

If a ghillie suit is well made and the workmanship looks so real that the wind blows the accessories on the ghillie suit in the same direction the surrounding leaves and things move, it will be effective. If the suit is masterly designed, the enemy will not be able to recognize the person lying even in close range.

It’s not just about the quality of a ghillie suit. As well as having a high-quality ghillie suit, proper training to use it is also required. Under normal weather conditions, the temperature inside the suit rises to 50-celsius. It is not enough for everyone to wear this suit and stay in one place for a long time with this temperature range. That’s why proper training and practice are also very important. It becomes impossible to see and detect a soldier with a good ghillie suit and proper training. 

What is the Best Ghillie Suit to Buy?

Commonly, snipers use to make their ghillie suits on their own. They know all the necessities, and they design the suit according to their needs and surroundings.

No doubt, it is on a low budget, but it is very time-consuming. A good quality ghillie suit can take many days or weeks.

For convenience, there are many ghillie suits for snipers available in the market. You just need to consider the factors of a good product before buying it. A person should not compromise on the quality because it engages with deadly matters. One should choose the best fabric and outfit quality. So, he will be able to have the advantage of this sort of camouflage. 

The next thing is the price. You should not select an expensive ghillie suit if you are hardly meeting both ends of the month due to budget problems. Many people think that only an expensive product can give you 100%. The market is also filled with normal ranged ghillie suits with high and commendable quality results. On the other hand, don’t waste money on a cheap product. The market is also full of the cheapest products with null results.  

So it’s a buyer’s duty to judge the quality of an item within the budget range. 

Closing Thoughts

We have tried our best to answer, “What is a sniper ghillie suit?”

The article contains all the necessary information about a sniper ghillie suit. It contains the basic designing procedure to help you out. Moreover, the article adds more information about the way snipers use their camouflage.

All the benefits of using a ghillie suit by snipers are discussed here. For your convenience, we have also tried to help you by telling the right way to buy the right ghillie suit. Now, it is totally up to you to select high quality for the victorious results.

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