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When was the Ghillie Suit Invented?

November 26, 2020

Seeking more information of when was the ghillie suit invented? If so, we hope this post will be beneficial to you. Welcome to GhillieSuits.

It could be an injustice if we say that the ghillie suit was invented a few centuries back because the concept of camouflage is not new. It was from the start of mankind when the animals and people used leaves and branches to hide themselves to attack enemies and animals. 

But if we specifically talk about when was the ghillie suit invented, it was in the 19th century after noticing the importance and effectiveness of camouflage that the ghillies used to protect the game of their lord. The British army unit, namely Lovat Scout, for the first time officially used ghillie suits in the Second Boer War, and later on, in 1916, it became part of the army military snipers unit.

Ghillie suits are still in use by the snipers. The snipers are the trained personnel who are specialized in shooting at a target at a shorter or far distance. If somehow your target finds you, then there is much possibility that they will run away, so a ghillie suit is necessary.

Ghillie suits are used to prevent missing the target. They provide concealment from head to toe, and even some ghillie suits come with a face mask and rifle wrap that makes you invisible and unidentifiable. 

Why Are They Called Ghillie Suits?

Ghillie is a Gaelic word that means a boy who attends someone hunting or fishing. But it is not only that; the myth about the ghillie suit is that there was a Ghillie Dhu, according to the Scottish folktales, who was kind and mean at the same time. It was a male fairy who had a devotion for children and used to wear leaves and moss to cover himself.

Now the question when was the ghillie suit invented. The origin of the ghillie suit is also in Scotland where the game wardens; the ghillies used to camouflage themselves and protect the land of their lord. They usually remain hidden in the grass, and when any deer walk past them, they grab it.

After that, snipers also used the same tactic to hide in the areas by covering them with the surrounding foliage. 

Ghillie suits are the old military uniforms that are used to cover the snipers. It is made of burlap or twine, and more leaves and branches are also attached to it to make it look real.

Are Ghillie Suits Effective?

If we are talking about when was the ghillie suit invented, we should not overlook the objective of its invention. They are made of heavy foliage that provides an imitation of the surroundings and saves the wearer from enemies.

Ghillie suit breaks the outline of the wearer’s body, making it impossible for the enemies to identify him. Some of these ghillie suits, if they are made rightly, move with the movement of wind without giving any hint of your presence. 

They help to provide the camouflage, but if you wear the wrong ghillie suit, it will make you suffer. And by the wrong ghillie suit, we mean the wrong design, pattern, and material used in it. 

Just think for a while, what if you wear a woodland ghillie suit in a snowy area. What do you expect? Will you be successful in your hunt? 

No. There is no second thought in this. So, the selection of the right ghillie suit is crucial; otherwise, it wouldn’t be effective, as it should be.

Secondly, you must know about your activity. We know that hunters, snipers, and airsoft players all wear ghillie suits, but they do not perform the same tasks. A sniper wears it to attack his enemies. A hunter wears it to get a hunt. In contrast, the airsoft player wears a ghillie suit to hide from the opponent players.

The primary reason for a ghillie suit is to camouflage that everyone uses in different ways.

Do Snipers Make Their Own Ghillie Suits?

If we look for the ghillie suits that are commercially available at online stores and the military uniform shops, we see that they also have ghillie suits for snipers. Even some of the ghillie suits are multipurpose and can be used by the snipers as well. 

But one thing which we need to reflect upon is, do the snipers really like those ghillie suits that are available at shops? Do they wear them as it is or make some improvements in it?

So, as by some military officials who said that snipers have to modify their ghillie suit. And the reason behind this modification is that the enemies are clever, and they understand the tricks, so wearing the same ghillie suit for years is not logical.

The snipers always do something to get better coverage. Earlier, the US army had a fire-resistant ghillie system, but the users were not satisfied with it because they found it to be thick and heavy, restricting their free movement and having certain accessories that they never use in their missions. 

So, they made a few new ghillie suits and named them as an improved ghillie system that was light and breathable. But they didn’t accept it in the first place. Instead, they tested it over, again and again, to find out whether it would be beneficial for them or not. 

Are Ghillie Suits Waterproof?

Waterproof means something that does not allow water to penetrate it. When we talk about the ghillie suits, they aren’t entirely waterproof. A few of the available ghillie suits have waterproof characteristics, but most of them are water-resistant. And by the term water-resistant means, it prevents the material from soaking wet partially and will not keep you safe from water for so long.

We know that the majority of ghillie suits are made of polyester mesh fabric whose threads are waterproof, but the fabric itself is water-resistant. It means it will save you from the rain or spill for a short time.

We can make it more water-resistant by increasing the thread count. The more threads incorporated in the ghillie suit, the more water-resistant it is and gives better protection.

Besides polyester, few ghillie suits also use nylon to provide toughness and durability. Nylon not only contributes to the stiffness of the ghillie suit, but it is also water-resistant to some extent. Nylon is not better than polyester, but a ghillie suit that has both polyester and nylon serves as a better water-resistant ghillie suit.

Where Can I Get A Ghillie Suit?

Many of us don’t know where to get a ghillie suit that would be long-lasting with some other benefits as well.

Today, when we are experiencing a lot of changes, we also notice changes in the marketplace. We don’t need to go back to the 20th century to reflect; even a few years ago, we see that life was going at a normal speed. People used to visit shopping centers and spend a lot of time searching for the best product. 

But then we saw a drastic change; the businesses shifted from physical to the online marketplace. Initially, it was difficult for people to get used to it because they were conscious of the quality of the product. But now we see that online shopping has taken over the market. Even for groceries, people prefer ordering online to avoid time and energy wastage. 

Ghillie Suit Marketplace

The online marketplace has allowed people to buy things across the globe without spending a lot on traveling. One of the advantages of online shopping is the honest reviews. You can look for the review of the product before ordering, even if it is a $5 object.

Ghillie suits are also extensively available in online stores, and you can find them easily. You don’t exactly need to know of a specific brand or website that sells ghillie suits; rather, by just searching on Google, you can get a list of online stores that sell ghillie suits.

These stores have a wide range of ghillie suits for kids, young, and adults. The difference in the quality of fabric, styles, and designs allow you to select amongst them. You cannot feel the fabric of the ghillie suit while buying online, but you can check the review and description. If you have selected the right material from the right buyer, you will never regret it.

Not only that, but you can also compare the price. There is a huge collection, so you can find all types of ghillie suits with ease. It becomes convenient for the buyer to get the product from a reliable store where he finds the minimal price. 

Closing Thoughts

Ghillie suit is an essential hunting and sniping gear. It provides excellent coverage and helps to hide the wearer from his enemies and get a successful shoot. In this article, we have covered, “When was the ghillie suit invented and how effective ghillie suits are for hunters, snipers, and game players?”

Ghillie suits are now much in trend, and boys also prefer wearing them at their themed parties. 

We hope you get the idea of the qualities your ghillie suit should have. You will find some best ghillie suits that will make your hunting and sniping experience memorable. 

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